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Our chrome extension overlays information as you browse Get the estimated revenue, profit, ROI, review count and more on any listing, and category.

Historical Prices, Buy Box Break down

Historical information for millions of products. Understand if products in category are competing for price, and increasingly less profitable. Get to know the sellers who are driving the sales for any listing.

Historical Rank, and Reviews

Historical information for millions of products. Understand if a product or category are up and coming or decreasing in demand.

Competitors Inventory Quantity & Fulfillment

See the available inventory quantity for any seller on any listing. This allows you to adjust your pricing strategy, go into listings where competitors go out of stock, strategically place promotions, and more.

Launch High Demand Products

See how many sales any listing or category is generating on Walmart. Avoid wasting your time and money on launching products that nobody will buy on

Launch Highly Profitable Products

We break down the estimated cost of making the product, all Walmart fees, and much more. Understand how much you will take home from launching this new product.

Avoid Pricing Wars

Understand how price sensitive a category. The wider the price range the less sensitive customers are to price changes.Also understand what makes a competitive price without driving down prices in the category.

Rank Higher Faster

Understand which niches competitors don't use Walmart's fulfillment network. Get fulfillment insights that will boost in ranking & buy box win rate when you use Walmart's fulfillment services while your competitors don't.

Find Growing Untapped Niches

A category with a low rating and high demand means you can offer a better product. A category with low review count and high demand means there is time for you to become the category leader.

Beat Weak Competitors

Understand your competitors. De-risk failure on Walmart. Maximize your chances of winning.

Find Suppliers

For private label, our chrome extension will direct you to with the click of a button.For wholesale/arbitrage, our profit calculator will redirect you to amazon or google with the click of a button.Do more in less time. Time is money.

Included Bonus: Listing Calculator

We automatically get the dimensions, weight, price and more to calculate all the costs & profitability so you don't have to lift a finger. Get accurate Walmart Fee breakdown calculations with an incredibly customizable calculator inside every listing on Walmart.

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Historical Price
Buy Box (over time) Breakdown
Historical Listing Rank
Historical Reviews
Spy on competitors inventory
Data on the search page
Profitability/ROI Metrics
WMT Fees insights
Discounting Insights
Reviews/Ratings Insights
Competition Insights
Support within a few minutes
Listing Profit Calculator (BONUS)
Unlimited Use
Learn Tips & Tricks From an Active Walmart Sellers Group

Why Bizmetrica was built

Walmart sellers are neglected.There is a lack of reliable data, and software tools to help you make business decisions.Early amazon sellers are making 8 figures. Walmart is like amazon in 2014, and you don't want to miss out again.Bizmetrica's chrome extension gives you an edge when selling on Walmart.

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